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Sheraton Lombok

More quiet than Bali, better beaches

Many people combine Bali with the neighbouring island of Lombok. And so did we. Lombok has a slightly different atmosphere. Its population is predominantly muslim and you notice this immediately when disembarking the aircraft. The Sheraton is one of the bigger hotels and the layout reminds me of many Hawaiian hotels. The grounds instead are more tropical and most importantly you’ll get a much better deal here. By all means venture out on a tour around the island or better: rent a private boat and visit the Gili Islands on a very easy day trip to go snorkelling.



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The pool area is the absolute highlight


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The good

The hotel is old, but aged gracefully. A slightly tacky themed pool area with fire spitting statues made me worry, but it actually wasn’t that disturbing once there. The pool is so big and lush, it feels like its yours most of the time. The beach is gorgeous and the gazebos put you front row for amazing sunsets. Yet nothing beats the nearby Gili Islands, so do take one or more excursions which start right from the hotel beach. Food at the pool and in the hotel is very well priced.

The bad

The rooms lack character, but most people don’t spend a lot of time inside their rooms. Try to get a ground floor room as this saves your from detours through very long corridors. The food is not expensive, but not spectacular either. You can walk to local options in about 15 minutes. If you take a plane from Bali, keep in mind the Lombok airport is at the other end of the island, so in the end you still spend two to three hours in transfer despite an extremely short 15 minute plane ride.



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