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Meliã Hacienda del Conde

Located in the North-West of the island, this hotel is miles away from the hustle and bustle of Tenerife. To top it off, this hotel is strictly adults-only. If you don’t have children (or decided to leave them with the grandparents) this could be your ultimate getaway. Zen to the max, gorgeous pools that are rarely used and a fantastic spa. The architecture is modelled after a traditional Canary Islands village. The North side of the island might be a little rainier than the rest, but dramatic cliffs and green landscape more than make up for that.



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Luxuriate on the lush side of Tenerife


Meliã Hacienda del Conde

The good

What’s to blame? Not much. Especially if you visit this hotel slightly off season, it’s hard to imagine you’re in one of the busiest tourist destinations in Europe. Tucked away in the most remote corner of Tenerife with dramatic landscapes and no children allowed, you’re almost guaranteed to relaxed. The pool is gorgeous with views on the ocean. Dinner is served al fresco at the upper pool level and again a zen-like atmosphere. The price is unbeatable.

The bad

As my father always told me, green landscapes don’t become green without rain. To a certain degree this also applies to the Melia_Hacienda_del_Conde. It’s always a few degrees colder than the rest of the island. I never encountered rain but did see the occasional cloud. It’s remote from the big resorts or shops, but depending on your needs this can also be a good thing.



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