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Forza Mare

A cosmopolitan nine room hotel directly on the magnificent Bay of Kotor

I travelled through every country in the Balkans, and while they are all interesting, nothing is as spectacular as Montenegro. Think Italian villages, oriental and Russian influences and fjords that dive into the Adriatic sea. The Forza Mare aims to attract a younger yet affluent crowd. It’s a bold initiative but executed with a lot of attention to detail. Put Montenegro on your bucket list and while you’re at it, include this hotel as well.



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Only nine rooms but all five star amenities


Forza Mare

The good

Location, location, location. Directly on the Bay of Kotor, your breakfast start with splendid views on Europe’s most Southern fjords. Despite having just nine room, there are three restaurants, a pool, a fully equipped spa and a sundeck on the lake. The hotel has a cosmopolitan vibe which is rare in Montenegro.

The bad

Compared to local standards this isn’t a cheap place to stay. A road crosses between the main building and the beach facilities. Although I rarely saw traffic, this sort of prevents you from sitting in a very exposed jacuzzi. With just nine rooms it’s logical you meet the same people over and over again.



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